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Pros: Finished slideshows look reasonably professional, and the interface is very user-friendly.

Cons: Some students may find the site too basic, and the YouTube connection may distract more than it helps.

Bottom Line: Kid-friendly, versatile, and pretty fun, this site may be your best choice for basic classroom slideshows.

There are two main ways to use PhotoPeach in the classroom: Assign kids to create presentations, or put together your own slideshow. Give your students some guidance about citing sources when collecting media from the Web, as PhotoPeach doesn't offer any information about citing sources or fair use.

If you're into flipped-classroom learning, this could be a great way to introduce a concept to kids at home, then discuss it the next day during class. Using fun background music could engage students even more. You can also take a look at the many public slideshows already created on PhotoPeach; lots of them are educational and may fit right in with a unit you're teaching.


PhotoPeach is an online slideshow creator that students can use to tell stories, organize photos, or create presentations. The site allows you to access photos from Facebook, Picasa, or your own computer, and walks you through the slideshow creation process, including how to add captions and music. First, you'll upload a chosen series of pics, then pick an accompanying song to play in the background if you like. You can then drag and drop photos into the correct order, and add captions to each. It's also possible to add an interactive quiz; just click Quiz while editing.

Once a slideshow is complete, students have a few options: They can keep it unlisted (that's the default), make it public to all PhotoPeach viewers, or allow only invited viewers to see it. Social media publishing is also possible. When slideshows are open to other users, they can add comments, similar to YouTube or other sharing sites.

PhotoPeach is a perfectly simple site that does just what it sets out to do -- provide a place to create slideshows. Users only need to upload their media, and the resulting slideshows can look quite polished. Whether students are working on a research project or making a multimedia presentation, PhotoPeach is a fun and simple resource. However, students who are used to more advanced applications may want more design and playback options.

There is one issue to watch out for: While the site has pre-loaded music selections, students can also choose songs from YouTube (content filters permitting). This might distract students, or they could find themselves perusing inappropriate content. And while the YouTube song selection feature can be handy, the videos play in a tiny corner of the screen during a slideshow, which could be an audience distractor. The included music on the site isn't bad -- and you can upload your own mp3s -- but a better pre-loaded selection would be an improvement.

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For such a simple concept, PhotoPeach is pretty fun. It works smoothly, eliminating any frustration kids might run into. They'll love adding music to slideshows and seeing the end result.


As they organize and select pictures for a slideshow, kids will think critically about how to present a particular subject matter. The final product can be pretty empowering, and kids can share slideshows through social media.


Because PhotoPeach is so simple, kids shouldn't need much help navigating it. However, if they do, a pretty extensive FAQ section should answer any questions.

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Quick and to the Point Presentation Tool

I like this for quick activities or photo presentation. You can also make word slides and provide themed music for your presentation. The downside is you can only illustrate 30 pictures at a time without having to pay. Anymore than 30 photos in your presentation will require you to upgrade to premium and pay. Site is free unless you go over 30 images.

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