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Quick and to the Point Presentation Tool

I like this for quick activities or photo presentation. You can also make word slides and provide themed music for your presentation. The downside is you can only illustrate 30 pictures at a time without having to pay. Anymore than 30 photos in your presentation will require you to upgrade to premium and pay. Site is free unless you go over 30 images.
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Develop slideshows quickly and easily!

PhotoPeach is a quick and easy way to create slideshows out of a number of photos. The website is free to use (upgrades for a fee), allowing log-in by creation of a username and password, or by entering Facebook credentials. After account setup, users can expect to get started right away by uploading photos to PhotoPeach...three easy steps later, users have a sleek looking slideshow! However, the best part of the site is the editing feature. Users can add features such as on slide text and quiz questions. Overall, PhotoPeach makes creating slideshows very easy, however, there is not a lot of room for students to input their own ideas or reflections. This tool could be a great introduction to presentations, or used effectively to preview or review "big picture" ideas. I would recommend PhotoPeach for younger students, or students who have not yet mastered PowerPoint or Keynote.
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