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Pros: Quizzes are great, but it's the confidence-building answer text that really makes this site shine.

Cons: Once you exhaust the quizzes, there's nothing more to do here but review.

Bottom Line: With friendly feedback that's rare in the test-prep world, this free site is comprehensive, responsive, and easy to use.

Educators can sign up on the site to be "Coaches," and students who sign up can allow teachers access to their scores. As a Coach, you'll have access to a dashboard allowing you to track student progress, from score ranges to the exact vocab words they're missing. While the dashboard can be helpful, there's no way to give online feedback to your students. Although Coaches can work with multiple students, teachers might find it cumbersome to manage whole classes. If you have students who aren't able to afford pricey tutoring sessions or test-prep workbooks, you could definitely recommend this site to them. It may even be better than some of the pricier resources that exist. School counselors can follow the link to sister site The Counselor Center, which is another free resource for guiding students through test prep and beyond. is a website that offers free test prep for the SAT, ACT, and GRE. With lots of practice quizzes in all test subjects, as well as a vocabulary builder, the site helps kids get ready for test day. says its practice quizzes are adaptive; the site responds to each correct answer, ensuring that the next question is harder or equally challenging.

Sign-up requires an email, password, and a test to focus on first –- the SAT, ACT, or GRE. From the home page, students see a series of progress bars that adjust as they complete each practice quiz. After reviewing each tutorial on their test section, they'll begin a 20-question practice quiz. Clicking once on an answer bubble will turn it gray, meaning it's their chosen response. Students can also eliminate an option by clicking an answer twice, which creates a big, red X over the bubble.

Test prep is akin to torture for most students; it's scary, stressful, and time-consuming. tries to remove fear and pain from the process, and they do a fair job. Although it's not super modern or slick, the design is clean and easy to work with. They do their best to liven up the content, and the result is an almost-fun experience that turns a dry SAT study session into something at least doable. Plus, it's free!

The site's quality quizzes mimic actual test questions, and the way they're presented may help build confidence for panic-stricken test takers. Even wrong answers produce a "Good try" message on the screen, along with an explanation of what the choice meant with some critical-thinking strategies for next time. You can also guess until you're correct. And when you do get it right, gives both positive feedback and rationale to support that particular answer.

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Is test prep ever fun? does its best to spice up the text kids read after answering a question, so it's certainly less dry than some programs. Design is basic but totally serviceable.


Depth of learning offered here is outstanding. With detailed descriptions of the reasons behind both right and wrong answers, kids get a solid understanding of subject matter. Questions also adapt to user skill level!


Tons of tutorials and tips give kids confidence before they've even started the quizzes, and scores are saved on a student dashboard. Extensions to sister sites (also free!) give kids the chance to further their study.

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Help your students tame their testing fears and get pumped to perform their best!

I really enjoy the in-depth answers they provide to explain answers to questions. I use this as practice for ACT to relieve text anxiety and to provide students with sample questions so they are better prepared for the real test. I do wish there was a way for a teacher to tract their progress and their individual activity on this website so it could become a better teaching tool. As of now the only way you can monitor students and their progress is to constantly walk around the room and make sure they are applying themselves. If a teacher could assign this and have some way of keeping track of their performance, then deadlines could be set and grades given for work completed. Still, this website can provide detailed practice for testing and help students relieve testing anxiety by better preparing them for standardized testing.

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