Help your students tame their testing fears and get pumped to perform their best!

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I really enjoy the in-depth answers they provide to explain answers to questions. I use this as practice for ACT to relieve text anxiety and to provide students with sample questions so they are better prepared for the real test. I do wish there was a way for a teacher to tract their progress and their individual activity on this website so it could become a better teaching tool. As of now the only way you can monitor students and their progress is to constantly walk around the room and make sure they are applying themselves. If a teacher could assign this and have some way of keeping track of their performance, then deadlines could be set and grades given for work completed. Still, this website can provide detailed practice for testing and help students relieve testing anxiety by better preparing them for standardized testing.

How I Use It

This website is a great teaching tool to aid test study of the ACT. It goes in depth to not only provide sample questions, but an explanation of the question and answer are provided. A student can learn as they go along why their answers are right or wrong and then they are explained.