Easy to use board to make notes and add graphics. Can organize notes around a topic and arrange them in any order.

Submitted 9 years ago
Rae O.
Rae O.
Co-Director UC Merced Writing Project
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My Take

Mural.ly is easy to use and can be a useful aid for the visual learner. Good for ELLs to connect vocabulary with a picture for better understanding. Good for students who need key ideas or elements of a "text" to be extracted from the whole so they may see the parts.

How I Use It

I've used it for setting. Students use an excerpt from the text that relates to the setting and then they add a picture to illustrate that aspect of the setting. Could be used to collect notes for any story element. Allows for the importing of graphics and pictures to further enhance notes. Note cards are colorful and come in several sizes. A hierarchy of ideas can be created through color and size of note cards.

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