It's like an interactive corkboard that can be used as a presentation, much like Prezi with less motion sickness!

Submitted 9 years ago
Chad S.
Chad S.
Perris High School
Perris CA, US
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My Take allows users to save text, images and video on a zooming Prezi-style board, but is much more akin to a literal interpretation of Pinterest’s pinboard. My students are able to create something like a flowchart to display what they have learned. Videos, graphics, and websites can be included in an exciting visual display. Students set up an account and can invite other students to collaborate on the same project. Teachers can set up a and invite select groups of students to work on it. This project has applications for any subject and is easily embedded into Wikiprojects or other websites.

How I Use It

I like the collaborative aspect of this product. My students can work together in real time, and there's a chat feature so students can remotely plan their projects together. The finished product has a zoom feature so parts of the can be highlighted with the click of a mouse. is a great tool for student presentations and can serve as a formative and summative assessment.

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