Mathalicious is a great website for all ages due to the variety of topics it addresses.

Submitted 9 years ago
Erika R.
Erika R.
Barboursville Middle School
Barboursville WV, US
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My Take

My overall opinion on this product is that it is great for multiple age levels and for many different levels of math. This product would be great for individual or group work as well as teacher led to start it off and then for the whole class to take it from there and complete the project. Mathalicious is linked to real life applications and this makes it more interesting to students because it addresses many everyday issues. I will use this year round when teaching certain concepts in math.

How I Use It

I would use mathalicious for several different topics. It can be used for individual, group, whole class, practice or homeowrk. My favorite aspect of this website is that it offers a variety of lessons on so many different levels. It is good for small projects whether it be a group or individual project. I would suggest this website for teaching math because it keeps the attention of the students due to be linked to real world applications that pertain to their everyday lives.