terrible interactive website (use khanacademy)

Submitted 2 years ago
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My Take

i completely dislike this program
-> stupid interaction
-> waters down/overexplains topics, can't hit the right balance
-> stop the video when you go to the next question!!!
-> some of these make no sense/twist reality so much in a way that fits the mathematical topic (E.g the basketball fouling question - they obviously didn't mean to foul)
-> also starting with application then teaching intuition and concepts is a proven way for failure
-> overall this is terrible as a learning source and supplementary!!!

How I Use It

i tried using it as a supplementary
i gave my students 3 choices
- khanacademy
- brilliant.org
-this website

everybody tried this website but saw that the inquiry approach just simply wasn't working, and as a teacher who's dabbled in university teaching this does NOT prepare students for the occasion at all. Furthermore, this does a terrible job at providing an intuitive backbone for some of the simpler topics we discuss and teach in math. Overall, my students who used khanacademy saw a MUCH HIGHER probability of success.