Easy Intro to Green Screen Video Production

Submitted 7 years ago
Joel S.
Joel S.
Village East Community Elementary School
Aurora CO, US
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My Take

The description makes it seem like you can use ANY background, remove it, then add another layer and it works. However, I've found that investing a few dollars for an actual green fabric (got mine for $5 at a fabric store) makes the video layer much easier to remove. There are three layers available: 1) video with green screen 2) image/background layer 3) extra layer to add animations. Once you have these basic concepts down, and are able to remove the background of the video (use the Chroma Tool), putting together a professional looking presentation is a breeze!

How I Use It

I use Green Screen to help students make unique videos that incorporate presentations with backgrounds. We've used it to create school newscasts, student presentations, and more. I've only just started using this app, but I can easily see the potential to make very sophisticated presentations with little effort.