Great tool to get students interested in presentations!

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I liked this tool but once again I stress that the pedagogy has to be there first. It's very easy to have students fall into the trap of the tech first because of all this app's bells and whistles but if executed correctly, this app can really up the engagement factor in the classroom. While my students were using the app there was a buzz in the classroom!!! I saw them applying what they had learned and talking through their scripts to make sure the information they were giving was valid.

How I Use It

I used this product with my 5th grade class when were were studying the Nazca Lines and it went over very well! As a summative assessment students needed to report back on a "real" investigative trip to Nazca and what they had found there. I thought of just recording them with a camera but Dot Ink brought so much more to the table because it really lets students get creative and apply what they have learned. They started with what they knew about the geography and then wrote their own scripts based on their knowledge of the history and culture. In our final products, we had helicopter pilots, parachuters, new reporters and even aliens. This was A LOT of fun for them and for me. I was really impressed with their work and we presented it at our monthly school assembly. This does require a bit of investment in terms of time and you have to be open to students' unique ideas; once you let them run with the ideas they can get so creative! Mastering the filming techniques and post production takes a bit of time for students but they eventually figure it out. I would recommend a green screen as opposed to store fabric because it's just easier. Also, groups of 3 is probably ideal for this app. You and your students will enjoy it!

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