A Whole New World Right Before Their Eyes

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After seeing how engaged the students were using this app my mind began to spin with new ideas on how to integrate it into the classroom. I can see this app being used to help the students apply what they have learned in the classroom and reteach it to another group of students. I like the ease of the application. It was so easy for the students to use and they did not get frustrated using it. If used right you can increase the rigor of a lesson, by having a green screen center. The students could create their own green screen on any topic they are learning to show you that they understand.

How I Use It

Green Screen DoInk is an amazing application! My students studied the economy and history of the 50 states. They needed to create a script on what they had learned to turn into a movie. First the students spent a day exploring how to use the app. The students were able to pick up the app very quickly. After we set up the green screen and they began creating their movie. The app was very easy to use. The students were able to insert images and videos with ease. The app automatically saves their work so they didn't have to worry about losing it. They were able to trim and maneuver their pictures or videos to connect to the image in the background however the students did have difficulty with it. The website that supports this app had some great tutorials to help the students use it. The students constantly referred back to these videos a lot for support.

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