Do Ink is so easy to use and has such a great impact!

Submitted 7 years ago
Hanna S.
Hanna S.
Director of STEM Education and Innovation
Brauser Maimonides Academy
Fort Lauderdale FL, US
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My Take

I love this tool because it is so easy to use. My students are usually in control of the videos and since I teach K-8, it's easy for students as young as 3rd grade to do the actual recording. Collecting images and videos on an ipad is also very simple using the basic camera roll feature. Do Ink accesses the camera roll so it's simple to change backgrounds on the fly. You actually don't even need a green background with the app. You can pick any color and adjust the app accordingly. This app gives students an opportunity to create videos to reflect their knowledge and be part of the learning experience. It also helps students learn how to work together, have different jobs and tasks and feel accomplished with a final product that takes minimal effort but has great impact.

How I Use It

I have used the Green Screen app by Do Ink along with our the green screen backdrop to create multimedia with any background (image or video) that our students want using one ipad. There are so many things you can do with green screen videos that will enhance the learning in your classroom and engage your students. Here are a few projects that I worked on with our K-8 students:
1. Re-enacting a historical event or time period - Ours was the American revolution. We had several battle re-enactments role plating with army generals and Presidents of the time.
2. Creating a virtual experience or field trip - We took a "trip" to Israel and described our experience in the different major cities of the country.
3. Setting the mood for a conversation in a foreign language. - During our field trip, we practiced our conversational Hebrew.
4. Video "live" interviews or television show - We did a "Live from CNN" type news reporting for an American Revolution social studies project.
5. Reciting poetry or digital storytelling - We recorded individual 3rd grade book reviews using images from the book or book cover of each book that we read as a resource to other students interested in reading a new book.