Engaging Game Design Hooks Students

Submitted 9 years ago
David  B.
David B.
K–12 school
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Gamestar Mechanic is highly engaging, and well-designed to help students learn the basics of game design. And for students who love to play video games, and may never have thought about where they come from, Gamestar Mechanic is a perfect learning tool.

How I Use It

I started using GameStar Mechanic, when some of my students were trying to create video games. The software they were using came from their older siblings, and was way over their (and my!) heads. So I went looking for something that would harness their enthusiasm for creating games, but at their zone of proximal development. It was then that I found Gamestar Mechanic, and gave it a try. It was a real hit. As they play through the levels, students encounter "broken" games. They use this knowledge to design and share their own game with others.