Cool Interactive Learning and Coding

Submitted 8 years ago
Audra B.
Audra B.
Wheatley School
Old Westbury NY, US
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My Take

I think that this is a beautifully rendered and thought out piece of software. I love that my students like it and WANT to use it. I also love that it helps them with critical thinking skills and it helps them adjust their thinking about other types of Coding.

How I Use It

I spend my days teaching coding with SCRATCH - this product is a great "adjunct" tool to leave for subs when I am absent. It is self-paced and self-monitoring. The kids love the idea of winning levels, and learning to build a game at the same time. I wouldn't use it to "teach" coding" per se, but it is an excellent "side" to have available for those "what do I do when I'm done" moments.