Great lessons in Asian Artwork

Submitted 9 years ago
Tina S.
Tina S.
Teacher of arts
Detroit Academy of Arts And Sciences
Detroit MI, US
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My Take

This site is fabulous! It has a large number of ideas/lesson that incorporating the Asian culture. I love how they offer photos and videos to give the students a visual. In addition lessons go across grade levels and subjects. This site is very easy to navigate. I was able to instantly find material based on grade level. I was able to spend 15 minutes on the site and came up with a ton of usable material. I like how I can easily connect art with culture and make the deeper connections the students need. It also allows for me to connect to what they are learning in the classroom and helps build those cross curricular lessons that we strive for! This site is a must for any art teacher!

How I Use It

I would definitely consider doing an art unit on Asian art now that I found this site. What I really like it that there are lessons from every grade level and across a large number of different topics related to Asian art. I teach a number of different grades and this site lets me access materials for every grade in one spot. I'm big on adding culture to my curriculum and can see myself utilizing this site through out the school year.