Wonderful site to show geographical location of art, explain the art medium and has great graphics especially useful with AP Art History

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I really like the ability to move around the geographical map and pull up the artwork from one region and compare it to another rather quickly. The graphics are vivid and can allow the student to get up-close to the artwork. Great videos that actually show the process of the art medium which is especially useful for the Art History students who tend to be non-artists and unfamiliar with different processes.

How I Use It

As an introduction to the art form of Calligraphy. Art History students will view the examples of calligraphy found in Islamic text found in the Koran and used as symbols found in paintings and architecture. Students will be further guided to an audio podcast from the Metropolitan Museum of Art on the Arts of South Asia where students will write a comparative summary of the art of calligraphy of different regions of Asia.