I needed an excellent model of augmented reality to illustrate understanding

Submitted 8 years ago
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this app was quick to download and easy to capture student attentions to detail.
I am using this for two reasons, to help students understand how to illustrate and give evidence to a general comparison of history. They just weren't able to do this from reading textbooks alone. I am also using this to demonstrate how students can implement augmented reality into their own presentations.

How I Use It

World History AP students need to begin reviewing essay topics for their May exam. The topic was: Compare/ contrast the development of technological innovations in the Han and the Roman empires.
Students create study guides, lists, mind maps on the glass windows of our school with wipeboard markers. But they still were unable to describe or illustrate specific innovations. I hung the pdf templates of the AAM app near and throughout the building. Students scanned them with great delight. Then were able to rewrite and draw the details of what they had learned. News spread and all of the students had visited more than one scan before class.
The problem was, I didn't have similar scans for other student research questions. Yet...
I am currently designing a similar curation for studies of slavery/West Africa. I will use this after our vacation.