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Great lessons in Asian Artwork

This site is fabulous! It has a large number of ideas/lesson that incorporating the Asian culture. I love how they offer photos and videos to give the students a visual. In addition lessons go across grade levels and subjects. This site is very easy to navigate. I was able to instantly find material based on grade level. I was able to spend 15 minutes on the site and came up with a ton of usable material. I like how I can easily connect art with culture and make the deeper connections the students need. It also allows for me to connect to what they are learning in the classroom and helps build those cross curricular lessons that we strive for! This site is a must for any art teacher!
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Wonderful site to show geographical location of art, explain the art medium and has great graphics especially useful with AP Art History

I really like the ability to move around the geographical map and pull up the artwork from one region and compare it to another rather quickly. The graphics are vivid and can allow the student to get up-close to the artwork. Great videos that actually show the process of the art medium which is especially useful for the Art History students who tend to be non-artists and unfamiliar with different processes.
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Very helpful for helping students understand art

Mildly helpful. Students were somewhat interested.
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I needed an excellent model of augmented reality to illustrate understanding

this app was quick to download and easy to capture student attentions to detail. I am using this for two reasons, to help students understand how to illustrate and give evidence to a general comparison of history. They just weren't able to do this from reading textbooks alone. I am also using this to demonstrate how students can implement augmented reality into their own presentations.
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More than Art, Multimedia makes large and small countries come to life

So many times teachers focus on China and Japan because there are fewer resources for other countries. This website has lots of different ways to examine similarities and differences across the other countries that ensure that students see the many faces of Asian diversity. History, geography, art, culture - it's all here to be used in project-based learning, research and any type of activity or lesson.
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