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Generation Genius a very effective way to introduce new science concepts.

I loved the program so much, I paid for it myself. My students were able to see someone other than me, present new information. Children are very much into videos for entertainment, this helped gain their attention and I felt it was well worth it. The information was on their level and accurate. My only wish is that the Kahoot and Quizzes were more challenging. With many students that were English Language Learners, the pictures on the quizzes were very helpful though.
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All of our students love the videos, which we use either for introduction of concepts, for for supplemental information. They enjoy the kahoots, and they are starting to say 'always question, always wonder'!

Generation Genius as a tool in both our Math and Science programs. The delivery of information is engaging. It is nice that young people are featured in the video and guide the instruction. The videos are not too lengthy. We use Generation Genius to introduce topics, or as a supplement to our instruction.
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Great for STEM lab!

What an incredible tool. I teach grades kindergarten through fifth in our school's STEM lab. It is so hard to try to create a curriculum for that many grades and students (550+). Generation Genius makes it easy, fun, and an incredible learning experience. Plus, the DIY activities are made with inexpensive materials. An additional plus is that I can do similar activities across the board. For example, I'm working on water with K through 5! All activities are grade appropriate.
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Generation Genius is AWESOME! The material and videos are engaging and students love the STEM activities. Customer service is wonderful and always helpful!

Great resource and tool.
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Great Resources for Science Class!

This is an amazing teaching tool. It has everything the teacher needs for a science lesson. It covers 100% NGSS in California. Generation Genius covers grades K to 8th. Each lesson comes with teachers guide, lesson plan, objectives, videos, before and after video questions, vocabulary, DIY (experiment), exit ticket, and assessments. I love that their videos incorporate students. The videos are very colorful, engaging, and short enough to deliver the important information within their attention span. The questions are relevant and thought provoking. The DIY activities do promote higher order thinking skills, and present open-ended questions, but it can’t be used in the higher level of SAMR framework as is. The teacher has to add the technology part to meet the higher level of SAMR framework.
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Where has Generation Genius been all of my life????

This product is one of the BEST products I have ever come across. What do I like about it? EVERYTHING and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. The high student engagement is UNBELIEVABLE!!! Students are excited to see the videos and then to assess after the lesson to see what they learned. It is so easy to use and the content is aligned to our standards. My favorite thing about Generation Genius are the videos and how "cool" Dr. Jeff and his assistants are. I am able to say that this product is 100% worth using because it WORKS!!! I will be purchasing it for myself but if your school is able to buy it, please make it happen. I am ever so thankful for the hard work and dedication that was put into this program to make science fun again. Thank you, Dr. Jeff and to his whole team.
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