Great Resources for Science Class!

Submitted 3 years ago
Lois D.
Lois D.
San Fernando Valley Academy
Northridge CA, US
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My Take

This is an amazing teaching tool. It has everything the teacher needs for a science lesson. It covers 100% NGSS in California. Generation Genius covers grades K to 8th. Each lesson comes with teachers guide, lesson plan, objectives, videos, before and after video questions, vocabulary, DIY (experiment), exit ticket, and assessments. I love that their videos incorporate students. The videos are very colorful, engaging, and short enough to deliver the important information within their attention span. The questions are relevant and thought provoking.
The DIY activities do promote higher order thinking skills, and present open-ended questions, but it can’t be used in the higher level of SAMR framework as is. The teacher has to add the technology part to meet the higher level of SAMR framework.

How I Use It

I will be using Generation Genius for my Online Science Class along with my By Design Science Book.
I think it will compliment my science lesson well. I can't wait to try it this fall.