Generation Genius a very effective way to introduce new science concepts.

Submitted 10 months ago
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My Take

I loved the program so much, I paid for it myself. My students were able to see someone other than me, present new information. Children are very much into videos for entertainment, this helped gain their attention and I felt it was well worth it. The information was on their level and accurate.
My only wish is that the Kahoot and Quizzes were more challenging. With many students that were English Language Learners, the pictures on the quizzes were very helpful though.

How I Use It

I used Generation Genius as a way to introduce new concepts in science class. It was something my students really enjoyed. We would watch "Dr. Jeff" perform experiments we couldn't do in our lab. I stopped the video for class discussion and questions. Inevitably the questions were answered in the video as we progressed, The DIY experiments were usually something we were able to do in our labs. Students loved playing Kahoot, which was fun, but I felt a little too easy.