All of our students love the videos, which we use either for introduction of concepts, for for supplemental information. They enjoy the kahoots, and they are starting to say 'always question, always wonder'!

Submitted 1 year ago
mary l.
mary l.
Benedict Cucinella Elementary School
Long Valley NJ, US
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Generation Genius as a tool in both our Math and Science programs. The delivery of information is engaging. It is nice that young people are featured in the video and guide the instruction. The videos are not too lengthy. We use Generation Genius to introduce topics, or as a supplement to our instruction.

How I Use It

We became aware of Generation Genius during the pandemic while we were looking for developmentally appropriate digital supplements for our Science instruction. The videos were very engaging for our students, and aligned to the Science standards we were teaching. Students in person and virtual could participate in the Kahoots. We have done several DIY activities which are highlighted at the end of the videos. Our students love to say 'always question, always wonder'!