Where has Generation Genius been all of my life????

Submitted 3 years ago
Abby T.
Abby T.
Plato Academy Pinellas Park Charter School
Pinellas Park FL, US
My Rating

My Take

This product is one of the BEST products I have ever come across. What do I like about it? EVERYTHING and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. The high student engagement is UNBELIEVABLE!!! Students are excited to see the videos and then to assess after the lesson to see what they learned. It is so easy to use and the content is aligned to our standards. My favorite thing about Generation Genius are the videos and how "cool" Dr. Jeff and his assistants are. I am able to say that this product is 100% worth using because it WORKS!!! I will be purchasing it for myself but if your school is able to buy it, please make it happen. I am ever so thankful for the hard work and dedication that was put into this program to make science fun again. Thank you, Dr. Jeff and to his whole team.

How I Use It

I use this product as a supplement to Pearson Realize. This product provides the visuals that we all need in order to fully understand topics. I do not have ANY materials for hands-on learning in the classroom (not even textbooks) so when I came across Generation Genius, I was literally blown away. The videos and materials that are provided is a teacher's dream come true.

I am able to do the following daily:
- Talk about the standard and what students are expected to learn that day
- Have students engage with their peers by using the provided "before video" discussion questions
- Watch the video that is aligned to the topic (I pause throughout the video and elaborate through note taking and deeper discussion)
- Have a content based review of the topic using the "after video" discussion questions
- Complete the Exit Ticket or Quiz that is provided (I use one or the other depending on the topic and where I am in reference to pacing)
*I also create a Plickers question that I use before and after a lesson using either one of the discussion questions, using an Exit Ticket question, or using one of the quiz questions.
- At the close of the lesson, we play the Kahoot game that is provided.
- There is also supplemental reading provided for whole group, small group, or higher level learners
- An at-home activity can also be send home for fun if students are able to complete demonstrations with an adult
- I am also able to go back and pull 3rd and 4th grade lessons that are embedded in 5th grade content so that we are better prepared for state testing.