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Clam helps us make an impact outside the classroom

My overall opinion about this application is that he can help a lot of students keep up with school because it can help students break down any barriers that may be holding them back from achieving their academic goals. I know that myself while in middle school I struggled with time management and if this app was around during my time I would have found ways of self organization and scheduling my day to finish tasks on time. What I liked about this app is that it can be used for students of all ages and even after they’ve left any academic institution and begin to live their adult lives.
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Utilization of "Calm" is a great method for introducing a meditational aspect into the classroom, whether it be incorporated in morning meditation sessions or as a background noise for testing or independent work !

With a collection of soothing graphics, narrations, and background music, students are able to recieve the ideal meditative experience. This experience is great to be paired with days in which testing is involved, as the encouraging prompts provided with the collection of background pictures, such as a forest or beach, can aid students in reducing their stress, as it is a form of meditation. The app is better suited for older age groups, as I believe younger children will tend to become distracted by the images displayed on the screen ahead and fall into day dreaming. For the older age groups, such as high schoolers, utilizing such an app will help train them to relax and avoid stress when it comes to examinations, something that can majorly help them when it comes time to take some major tests, such as the SAT and AP examinations. For the younger age groups, I believe incorporating "Calm" into a morning meditation routine is a great method to utilize meditation in the classroom, while avoiding distraction as compared to if it was done simultaneously to independent work.
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Focusing on Mental Health

This teaching tool is excellent for professors and students to ease tension in classroom settings. Most of the free exercises seem to be less than 15 minutes, so this can be used prior to an exam and/or for professors and students to do on their own time. I liked how right when you open the app, it requires you to focus on how your feeling, and realize what areas you may need self-improvement in. Soothing nighttime sounds played while I navigated the application. The exercises require "Mood Check-Ins", so you will be able to figure out if an exercise really worked for you. An area that can be improved on is the amount of free exercises can be increased.
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Extremely beneficial to calm students down

My overall opinion is positive. I feel more needs to be included into this app, but it is a good starting point and would be beneficial to many students who struggle to stay focussed and may need that guidance in calmness and relaxation to get them back into the learning zone.
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Calm is a great choice for "pink noise" with visuals, as background for students working independently or in small groups.

Students enjoy the forests, beaches, and fields. It's something they request on writing days. I wish it was a little more adjustable (like is) in terms of the sound mix, but it's perennially popular with my 8th graders.
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Great tool for students

The calm app is a great tool for student to improve their overall health. I love the sleep stories and meditation on the app. The sleep stories is a great tool for those that have a hard time falling asleep because their mind is racing with their thoughts. In today's world, students always have a lot on their mind, high stress, and this is a great way to shut the world out and just focus on a story being told. In addition, this app helps students when they are overwhelmed with work or just life in general to take a moment and mediate and reduce that stress. Overall, this app is extremely helpful for students and it is a great tool for students to have. However, one limitation is that in order to get better features it cost money. There should be a discount or an extended trial for students.
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Students love it!

Always listen to the meditations before playing them in class. There are great guided meditations and the goal is to make students feel safe, not like they are being asked to do something they may/may not feel comfortable with. However, as part of the AP Psychology curriculum, meditation is part of the conversation on sleep and comes up again with topics such as test anxiety, so it was easy to talk about mindfulness overall with students throughout the course and the benefits. Finding 10 minutes during the week at first felt like a challenge, but carving out time for students to be mindful was really helpful in also connecting with students in the classroom as students. We talked about how mindfulness is something we all need to practice, and even I as a teacher was learning how to be more mindful. A great benefit was being able to see their stress lower, their bodies relax, and then even the rest of the class was able to go on with more energy and focus. Sometimes we forget how much students take on during the day that they need time to pause and reflect. The price of the app for premium made it fun for the year, but now there are other apps such as Insight Timer that are free - although you have to do more sifting for helpful meditations.
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The narrations and soothing graphics help the students to meditate and focus. This is a wonderful tool to use in school considering all the stress that students face on a daily basis. Any tools that we can give them to help cope with the every day drama of a high school student can only help.
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You can get this app on your phone and get the extra features for free if you email the orginazation and tell them hat you are an educator and how you plan on using the app.
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Great relaxation/calming app for students

This is a great teaching tool. I can set the theme based on the mood. I'd like to see more selection of sounds/music to choose from.
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