Great tool for students

Submitted 2 years ago
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The calm app is a great tool for student to improve their overall health. I love the sleep stories and meditation on the app. The sleep stories is a great tool for those that have a hard time falling asleep because their mind is racing with their thoughts. In today's world, students always have a lot on their mind, high stress, and this is a great way to shut the world out and just focus on a story being told. In addition, this app helps students when they are overwhelmed with work or just life in general to take a moment and mediate and reduce that stress. Overall, this app is extremely helpful for students and it is a great tool for students to have. However, one limitation is that in order to get better features it cost money. There should be a discount or an extended trial for students.

How I Use It

I would used this tool to cool down after an activity as well as assigned this for homework at least two or three times a week.