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Google Classroom is super innovative.

From the Teachers portal, you may create assignments, provide and link to reading materials, videos, and other resources. Even if you're not in the classroom, you can still provide your students with useful information. You can use Google Classroom to collect and grade their responses as well as their coursework submissions. Using the classroom's messaging tool, you can connect with your students both publicly and privately.
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I love it. Our school has been using the Google Apps for almost two years now and we love them. I can't imagine teaching virtually without Google Classroom.

I love everything. Our students really appreciate that we use this tool in the whole school. It's easy to set up and work in it.
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This is a great, useful tool that every educator should use!

This is one of the best tools. It enhances teaching for me because it allows me to keep a running document of all classwork and notes online for both me and my students to access. This is great for grading as well as getting out announcements to the whole class. It also allows for great feedback method for me to my students.
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Excellent resource for teaching!

This has been a life saver in communications with parents too. When parents want to know how they can help their students better succeed I can refer them to the resources on Google Classroom. The product itself is also very intuitive. It's easy to figure out how to teach. Students have enjoyed using Google classroom. We've done some web searches where I'll create a template and list the links they need to visit. It's much easier for students to simply click a link rather than type it in. It allows for assignments to easily be turned in. Make sure to tell your students they MUST hit submit or you will not get their work! When students turn in late work, you also get an email letting you know it's been turned in so that you know to visit Classroom and grade the assignment. It can be annoying to get all those emails, but that's not a product problem, but rather a student turning in late work problem. I've really enjoyed using it in a variety of classroom settings (Language Arts, Health, and Debate).
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Great for connecting professionals who work in different buildings.

I like this tool! I don't teach a specific class, but need to communicate and share information with other professionals in our county. This is a great tool for us to use and we can all contribute.
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Art teachers can use this online resource to enhance their teaching. I had my students create an online portfolio and they could easily turn it in using google classroom. Can't wait to keep using google classroom!

I want to keep using this product in my classroom to help improve my teaching and informing students about assignments. I liked how easy it was for students to sign up for the google classroom. I'm still learning how to use google classroom but I'm not sure how to transfer grades from google classroom to Skyward. More information about that would be helpful to teachers.
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Convenient Classroom Hub!

Overall I have found this to be a very effective tool that allows all students access to learning. I am able create assignments for all subjects. It is a great central location for learning.
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I teach 5th grade and in our school we don't have computers for every student so their access to computers at school is once or twice a week. Google classroom allows students to access computer assignments at home and turn them in from home.

There are many ways to use Google Classroom, so far I have just used it for writing projects but you can upload assignments and have students complete any assignment and turn it in online. I like that educators can see and grade assignments all in one place and that students can see their grade as soon as it's graded. It can serve my students and help my teaching practices because I don't have to worry about students losing papers or losing work because it is all online.
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Great Interactive Student Asignment program

I think it’s a very helpful program with it’s easy setup and student to teacher asignment program. I like the student to student configuration also. It’s also great for student interaction. It could be used better in my school and school board if each classroom incorporates their class into it
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This site is awesome for organization

I really enjoy this site and everything that can be done with it. Along with this site, I use other google applications such as Drive, Slides, and Docs. This site is user friendly with all of those other applications and make it very easy to put my lesson plans and examples on the Classroom site. This helps me organize student progress, work, and feedback and in turn I can easily display the artifacts to students, administrators, and parents.
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