Excellent resource for teaching!

Submitted 4 years ago
Nicole P.
Nicole P.
Oquirrh Hills Middle School
Riverton UT, US
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This has been a life saver in communications with parents too. When parents want to know how they can help their students better succeed I can refer them to the resources on Google Classroom. The product itself is also very intuitive. It's easy to figure out how to teach. Students have enjoyed using Google classroom. We've done some web searches where I'll create a template and list the links they need to visit. It's much easier for students to simply click a link rather than type it in. It allows for assignments to easily be turned in. Make sure to tell your students they MUST hit submit or you will not get their work! When students turn in late work, you also get an email letting you know it's been turned in so that you know to visit Classroom and grade the assignment. It can be annoying to get all those emails, but that's not a product problem, but rather a student turning in late work problem. I've really enjoyed using it in a variety of classroom settings (Language Arts, Health, and Debate).

How I Use It

This product is incredibly diverse. It lends itself to a variety of activities. I have used it to post homework assignments, link it to my Google calendar so that students can see what is upcoming, I've posted extension activities for students who finish work early, and I've used it to provide a recap of our lesson for the day. So if students are absent, they could go to Google classroom and see any PowerPoints or video clips we watched for lessons. In days when I have been absent for a sub, it's been fantastic to provide a lesson on Google classroom that is student driven. The substitute then is just a monitor who ensures students are working. I have posted links to Quizlet review games and additional resources required for students to be successful in class.