Art teachers can use this online resource to enhance their teaching. I had my students create an online portfolio and they could easily turn it in using google classroom. Can't wait to keep using google classroom!

Submitted 3 years ago
Angelica B.
Angelica B.
K–12 school
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I want to keep using this product in my classroom to help improve my teaching and informing students about assignments. I liked how easy it was for students to sign up for the google classroom. I'm still learning how to use google classroom but I'm not sure how to transfer grades from google classroom to Skyward. More information about that would be helpful to teachers.

How I Use It

I have only used this product for two different assignments. However, I found that it was an easy way for students to turn things in online. It was easy as the teacher to go in and grade the assignments. Students could link their websites that they created with google for their artist online portfolio. They could be informed if they were missing anything.