This site is awesome for organization

Submitted 4 years ago
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I really enjoy this site and everything that can be done with it. Along with this site, I use other google applications such as Drive, Slides, and Docs. This site is user friendly with all of those other applications and make it very easy to put my lesson plans and examples on the Classroom site. This helps me organize student progress, work, and feedback and in turn I can easily display the artifacts to students, administrators, and parents.

How I Use It

I use Google Classroom in my General Music classroom. My students' ability levels are on a wide spectrum. Google Classroom allows me to communicate with my students, both inside and outside of school. My favorite feature is the "Questions" function. This feature allows students to ask questions at any point, either during the lesson or afterwards. This can help lead to discussion and delving further into the content. This site helps me organize my listening and responding assignments and helps form a transparent line of communication between the teacher and the student and their families.