I teach 5th grade and in our school we don't have computers for every student so their access to computers at school is once or twice a week. Google classroom allows students to access computer assignments at home and turn them in from home.

Submitted 3 years ago
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There are many ways to use Google Classroom, so far I have just used it for writing projects but you can upload assignments and have students complete any assignment and turn it in online. I like that educators can see and grade assignments all in one place and that students can see their grade as soon as it's graded. It can serve my students and help my teaching practices because I don't have to worry about students losing papers or losing work because it is all online.

How I Use It

I use Google Classroom for my students writing assignments. I hate grading hand written 5th grade writing so this is an excellent option. Students are able to work on it at school and at home and then turn it in. It is also nice because I can see who has turned it in and who hasn't without having to look through a bunch of other papers. Students can edit and re-submit when we do re-writes and I can also post a grade for them so they don't have to wait for their paper to be returned to get a grade.