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Abundant educational resources

This site has rich and comprehensive resources, every interface can find useful information and interesting content.
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Discovery Education is a good tool for planning as well as on the spot in class!

I am using the part that you have to pay for but it is well worth it.
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Discover a whole new world with Discovery Education.

The assessment tool is good as it gets better and better every year. However, I wish the assessment was more real-world. I wish there were other assessment type questions besides multiple choice. It does read the questions, answers and passages to younger students. Overall, this is a very good resource with a lot of extra tools that are still being discovered and that DE is continuing to add.
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High quality curated resources with a ton of media options

This is a great resource and its free. I have experienced the paid version and deeply wished they made it available for free or a more reasonable price, it really does have much more resources. The student facing products are extremely basic and not engaging, definitely more of a teacher facing website. I would love to see them open up more of the content that is behind the paywall, maybe in a rotating way of letting some videos/resources go free for a month at a time.
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Videos, Tech Tools, and Teacher Support. Save time finding resources with DE

I think that DE is one of the most useful resources I have used throughout my teaching career. From the videos to the professional development resources, everything DE does is top notch. The additional tools available for teacher support in the DEN help teachers to integrate technology into the classroom without wasting excessive amounts of time seeking out the best resources. Additionally, the ability to become a DEN Star for free allows teachers to get free tech tools to use in the classroom in order to improve student achievement. I find Discovery Education to be top notch.
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Images and Audio and Video; Oh my! A searchable collection of some of the best educational content out there...

With education as their mission, it certainly simplifies the instructor's quest to find content in a wide open world of information. The deeper I stepped through the site, I found content specifically for teachers, including lesson plans and assignable content including quizzes. Using Discovery Education to push deeper into topics, from Shakespeare to Space Exploration, a learner can dig into aspects associated with the topic. This could lead to curiosity and ultimately greater knowledge.
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Science Techbook

I recommend this without hesitation. It requires a bit of set-up in the beginning (creating student accounts) and setting up a routine with your learners...but it is completely worth it. This makes science fun for all learners. Plus the data the teacher collects guides instruction so there is never a dull moment!
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A good source of educational videos on a multitude of science subjects, mostly geared towards elementary and middle school.

It is a good support; provides simplified ways to explain tough concepts. It can be shared with students and repeated several times with or without sound, paused as needed, while students fill in or anticipate what comes next. Useful also for students not performing at grade level.
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