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Submitted 7 years ago
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My Take

I think that DE is one of the most useful resources I have used throughout my teaching career. From the videos to the professional development resources, everything DE does is top notch. The additional tools available for teacher support in the DEN help teachers to integrate technology into the classroom without wasting excessive amounts of time seeking out the best resources. Additionally, the ability to become a DEN Star for free allows teachers to get free tech tools to use in the classroom in order to improve student achievement. I find Discovery Education to be top notch.

How I Use It

I have used Discovery Education for many years as a supplement to my lessons and projects. The multitude of resources allows me to find an engaging video on almost every subject I've ever searched for. The site “chunks” the videos into segments, allowing teachers to use only the relevant sections of a video rather than having to use entire full length videos. This has been an immense time saver for me. The site also allows you to save content, as well as to assign content to classes that you have set up. DE features many extra tools such as an assignment builder, writing prompt builder, assessment manager, board builder, and quiz builder that allow you to expand upon the video resources. In addition to all of these resources I’ve used the free professional development resources in the DEN (Discovery Educator Network) to get many free tech tools for my classroom. I love Discovery Education!