High quality curated resources with a ton of media options

Submitted 7 years ago
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This is a great resource and its free. I have experienced the paid version and deeply wished they made it available for free or a more reasonable price, it really does have much more resources. The student facing products are extremely basic and not engaging, definitely more of a teacher facing website. I would love to see them open up more of the content that is behind the paywall, maybe in a rotating way of letting some videos/resources go free for a month at a time.

How I Use It

I use the lessons, videos, and virtual field trips most, but there are a ton more resources. The website acts as a great supplement (but not a standalone) to my science lesson planning and also has some great resources for other subject areas. At one point I was a paid subscriber and have to say it was incredible (a lot more resources and options), but it's also extremely expensive, so if your district has it as an option take advantage! I have used a ton of their video resources, they have very high quality and well produced content. Some of the videos can be dated or cheesy (as with most educational videos) but are a great add on to any lesson. The lesson plans they have also provide a great outline for creating your own lesson (you'll have to spice it up a little) and sections like academic standards and vocabulary are a great help in planning. There are also a ton of hands on activities in the teacher resources. I used some of the Siemens Science Day activities and the kids loved them. Also I love some of the subject matter like technology or inventors, it gives more meaning to science and gets kids interests going. That being said a lot of the student facing resources (that students are supposed to access on their own) are lackluster for K-5 and suited more to high school (but even for high schoolers the resources are pretty bland). I highly suggest signing up for their newsletter so you can keep track of what virtual field trips they are doing and participating in them when they come up. The field trips really get students interested and are fun in the classroom. Also check out the parent tab and "parent motivation center" for some great family facing resources.