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DOGO News is Great!

I really enjoy DOGO News because there the website will read the article to the students. The read aloud voice isn’t great, but the students really enjoy having it read to them. The students also really enjoy the video that goes along with each article. The best part about the website is that it is great for advanced learners as well as ELL and special education students because they can choose to have it read to them. There are also activities for the students at the end of each lesson.
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Up to date engaging current events with comprehension questions; Great for k-5 students and students in special education.

Overall, this website is an excellent resource for K-5 and students in special education. The articles are the perfect length, engaging, and the questions are both literal and inferential. I also like how the articles can be linked to Google classroom.
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Great way to add relevant nonfiction reading to your classroom daily!

I really like this tool, on top of having really well written nonfiction articles, there are also short video clips to go with each article (this ups the interest level for many students) and students have the ability to comment. If you have a limited number of computers available to students, you can also print the articles.
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