Great way to add relevant nonfiction reading to your classroom daily!

Submitted 8 years ago
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I really like this tool, on top of having really well written nonfiction articles, there are also short video clips to go with each article (this ups the interest level for many students) and students have the ability to comment. If you have a limited number of computers available to students, you can also print the articles.

How I Use It

This website is a great tool to supplement your nonfiction library. On this website kids can read nonfiction articles of interest to them, or you can assign articles that relate to something you are studying. For example, when studying biomes with my 3rd graders, I had all students go to to search for articles about biomes. They found two really interesting articles about rainforests and the tundra. Students can search by category or grade level. So if reading level is a concern for some, you could have them select K-3 instead of whatever grade they are in.