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Free Online Gradebook no longer available.

Great and simple platform to assess the learners, communicate, and provide transparency with regards to their academic status throughout the semester. Unfortunately, has changed their overall platform, thus the free online grade book is no longer available despite my inquiries and encouragement towards retaining their individual instructor base.
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LMS with many options

I use Engrade daily in my classroom. I upload assignments, instructions, and links for students to complete, and they can upload their completed work. One advantage is I never lose a paper and a student can never "swear they turned it in on time" as all turn-ins are time stamped. The program also has features such as a seating chart creator and behavior tracking. Tests and quizzes can also be created in Engrade (this can be time consuming, but they are saved and can be re-used with other classes). Engrade can be a great option for remote teaching or a "flipped" classroom.
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Great idea, needs improvement.

Overall this is a great tool for parents to keep track of their children. However, on the teacher side it can be bit of a hassle to work through all of the delays and formatting issues.
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Free Online Gradebook

If you are into technology and against killing trees or are a sloppy writer, Engrade is great to organize your grade inputs clearly and without confusion. Allows access to the stakeholders that need the information readily.
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Great Interactive Tool To Keep Parents Informed!

As with any online tool, you will have some issues such as parents not checking their child's account and parents who do not have internet access, although, it is accessible via smart phone browser. While I like the ability to access the site from any computer, I have not yet found a way to import the information into our mandatory, City-Wide, report card system. Engrade also has other tools that I have not yet explored, but look promising, and allow you to target instruction based on student data.
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Great online gradebook.

I think an online grade book like this is a great teaching tool. It allows you to keep better track of your grades and allows you to share it with your students and their parents. However, make sure you keep it updated if you share it out with students/parents! You need to come up with a plan for when all work will be updated and stick with it. Parents can get easily frustrated if scores aren't updated or if they don't know when they will be updated. Engrade also has other bells and whistles to try out! Quizzes, link with a grade cam, flash cards and Wikis. The reports are also easy to read and share out with your school.
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Amazing, Free Online Gradebook

Engrade is great if your school/district does not already provide you with a solution for grading outside of a simple paper gradebook. Engrade has even gone to extends to implement their product with various information systems around the country so that the data recorded will integrate with systems already in place for districts/schools to manage their data. It is an easy tool for students and parents to use to track their progress. Engrade overall is a good product that continues to get better.
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A full service gradebook that will allow teachers to keep track of their grades, plan lessons, and create online quizzes.

I understand what Engrade is trying to accomplish and it is very similar to many other sites and programs out there. They are integrating the teacher's gradebook, lesson planning, Common Core tracking, displaying data from assessments and enhancing communication into one tool. Engrade describes this integration as the following four pieces: "Corebook (manage daily activities), Teach (integrate 3rd party curriculum content), Improve (view districtwide student assessment data), and Assessments (deploy and score custom assessments)." Unless my school district adopted Engrade, I would not use it. While there are many features that are free to individual teachers, the teacher would have to manually upload all of the students' names. They would also have to complete both this gradebook and the one their district uses. It would be double the work. My initial reaction to Engrade is that there are better options out there. It seems a little more complicated than others that I have previewed.
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Good Free Online Gradebook.

This is a great free product if you are looking for an online grade book that will average your students' grades. If you are looking for something that works well with Standards Based Grading, I don't think this is the product for you. The set-up was simple, and it is a very basic grade book. It calculates grades just fine, but it is too similar to Powerschool for me to make the switch. I'm still looking for a good grade book for Standards Based Grading.
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An online gradebook with easy access for students and parents.

It makes parent teacher conferences go a lot smoother. The parent has access all year to the students grades so there should be no surprises. The problem is if the parent doesn't log in, the communication is gone. There's no way of knowing if the parent read the message. My school used the free version and then bought the engradepro version. I didn't see a real difference in the product. Use it for free, you'll fall in love.
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