An online gradebook with easy access for students and parents.

Submitted 8 years ago
Eileen L.
Eileen L.
J.H.S. 074 Nathaniel Hawthorne School
Oakland Gardens NY, US
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My Take

It makes parent teacher conferences go a lot smoother. The parent has access all year to the students grades so there should be no surprises. The problem is if the parent doesn't log in, the communication is gone. There's no way of knowing if the parent read the message. My school used the free version and then bought the engradepro version. I didn't see a real difference in the product. Use it for free, you'll fall in love.

How I Use It

Engrade is an online gradebook. You can assign work and have students submit work electronically. You can communicate with students and parents as a group or individually. Students can take online quizzes you create and the grade goes directly into the gradebook. You can see who submitted work and who didn't. I use this thing all day.

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