LMS with many options

Submitted 7 years ago
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I use Engrade daily in my classroom. I upload assignments, instructions, and links for students to complete, and they can upload their completed work. One advantage is I never lose a paper and a student can never "swear they turned it in on time" as all turn-ins are time stamped. The program also has features such as a seating chart creator and behavior tracking. Tests and quizzes can also be created in Engrade (this can be time consuming, but they are saved and can be re-used with other classes). Engrade can be a great option for remote teaching or a "flipped" classroom.

How I Use It

Engrade is a full-service LMS with many features. It can be integrated with statewide data management systems. (In WV, it is integrated with our statewide system WVEIS to report attendance, grades, etc.) Engrade offers parent and student messaging, assignment uploading and turn-ins, and a discussion board that can be used in or out of class. Grading categories can be weighted. A plus would be if the teacher could create their own codes for grades...the program only recognized "m" for missing.