Great online gradebook.

Submitted 8 years ago
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I think an online grade book like this is a great teaching tool. It allows you to keep better track of your grades and allows you to share it with your students and their parents. However, make sure you keep it updated if you share it out with students/parents! You need to come up with a plan for when all work will be updated and stick with it. Parents can get easily frustrated if scores aren't updated or if they don't know when they will be updated.
Engrade also has other bells and whistles to try out! Quizzes, link with a grade cam, flash cards and Wikis. The reports are also easy to read and share out with your school.

How I Use It

I have used the free grade book part of Engrade. I went from a school that required us to use an online grade book that linked to our report card and I had gotten used to not keeping a paper grade book. This one is easy to use with both an app and website. I input all of my students grades, and it even allows you to link it up with standards too. I like that you can add attachments and descriptions to each assignment. If you do participation grades or have an assignment where everyone or almost everyone got the same grade you can assign a grade and 'copy all.' I used it to input grades both at school and at home without having to remember to take my grade book with me.

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