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I love Pinterest!

I honestly love Pinterest and use it to just kind of start my though process when I want to make or create something not only for lessons. I think it is a great resource but I would not necessarily have my students use it. I would also suggest testing some of the ideas you find on Pinterest before you do them in your own classroom.
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A place to find anything!

Even though this site is not teaching specific I think that it can be used for teaching purposes. If you have an idea about a lesson that you want to do, but need an activity you can find so many different ideas on pinterest. Many of the sites will actually take you to the teachers pay teachers site where you can see the work posted by that teacher. Not only can you find lesson ideas but decor for the classroom, logo tees that are inspiring and would be fun to wear in class. Really, you can find anything on this site and sometimes we need ideas and this is a great place to get inspiration.
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Pinterest and My Intro to Chemistry and Physics Class

My county has restrictions on what kinds of things students can do online that asks them to use their real information. I would keep this in mind. I have a gmail account for use in the classroom. Studnets can log in under that name and work on whatever assignment I have given them. I have a few email addresses for this use. If a student feels comfortable using their own Pinterest account that is ok, but they should be careful not to share their information with anyone else. On using the actual app, the students did a great job with this assignment. Both special ed classes and general ed classes enjoyed the variety of choices that come up for each student so there is a wide range of responses.
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Endless supply organized of ideas and inspiration with accompanying visuals and links.

This is a great tool for find ideas to use in the classroom.
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Great pics/ ideas for inspiration and

I think it is a great app, it's free and it's consistent. Rarely are there technical difficulties, however I can't always access deep into the pics I pin. Therefore I get a superficial look and then I can build upon that.
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Great Teacher Resource

I love Pinterest. It is a great resource for many different things. I love that you create your own categories for your boards and can save the the Pins to the boards that go with what you are teaching. Sometimes it is hard to create lessons or come up with ideas. This is so helpful. I have found so many wonderful lessons, crafts, and activities. I think this is a wonderful resource.
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Need lesson ideas, pinterest has it.

If my students could get on pinterest I would have them explore lessons they think they would like. I would choose some lessons the students have chosen and bring them to the classroom. I think simply using a lesson a child suggested would get them more interested and give them the confidence they need. Pinterest is easy to use!
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Great classroom management tool!

This is not a hands on tool for students but a resource for teachers to gather ideas to use in their classroom or in their presentation of lessons.
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A multitude of ideas & projects from different sources to use in all grade levels

In order to utilize Pinterest as a teaching tool in the classroom, you must take the time to view and sort pins into valuable boards. I like that I am able to view multiple ideas and have the ability to modify them to fit my students' needs. Pinterest needs to verify the links of the pins to ensure they work.
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