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Even though this site is not teaching specific I think that it can be used for teaching purposes. If you have an idea about a lesson that you want to do, but need an activity you can find so many different ideas on pinterest. Many of the sites will actually take you to the teachers pay teachers site where you can see the work posted by that teacher. Not only can you find lesson ideas but decor for the classroom, logo tees that are inspiring and would be fun to wear in class. Really, you can find anything on this site and sometimes we need ideas and this is a great place to get inspiration.

How I Use It

Basically, you are scrolling through a feed based on things that you like and follow. You can also look up things specifically and they will give you a feed to scroll through of those items. You are save items to boards, and you can have multiple boards. For example, I have a board for teacher clothes, and one for ideas for the classroom. You can follow friends and their boards as well.