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Great tool for helping kids understand the Alphabet.

My take is that if you use this product, make sure to create in-class activities with it as well as homework activities.
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In a school with full membership to Reading A-Z and RazKids

Looking around the site I feel like I'm always about to click on a link that might interest me, only to find out I need another membership, i.e., A-Z Vocabulary. Reading A-Z has a lot of books, but I do question the quality of some of the materials I found on the site. Just because it's print and it's at a student's level doesn't mean it's worth giving to my student or class. This is obvious, but I do wonder how much better off schools are with high-quality library access, rather than pricey online platforms.
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Reading A-Z: A Quick and Easy Way to Ensure that all Students are Reading at their Own Level

All in all, this product does save so much time because everything is ready to go for the teacher, including detailed lesson plans and worksheets that target important skills. It is a wonderful resource, especially since I teach more than one subject and find myself with limited time for finding and modifying resources for students. The drawbacks to this program lie in the limited availability of texts. Many of my students read far below grade level, so the subject areas available are more suitable for a much younger audience than my students.
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Great resource to incorporate cross-curricular studies

It is a great resource and worth the price. I use it frequently in my classroom to enhance instruction and understanding of various topics. I only wish that it went to higher reading levels, although they have increased the levels somewhat from the original format.
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Great use of Social Studies materials!!

I really find this site a positive tool in which to use. I have enjoyed the different topics that are related to the Common Core Standards. I like the fact that each story comes with its own created materials to be utilized. Since we are encouraged to include nonfiction into our daily reading, I have found this site to be useful in finding meaningful stories for my students to read.
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Great interactive reading tool with engaging incentives!

I use reading a-z a lot in my classroom, both whole group and small group. They have a wide range of material that can be easily integrated into all of your subject areas.
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Effective and great website

This is a great and effective website because it allows teachers to send books could home with students for homework and allow them to keep the books for future reference. The leveling is made easy for teachers to just go in and pick out a book with ease. Overall, I am very happy with this website it really did help me with my lesson planning with guided reading by providing many options to choose from. I know other teachers will use and love this site, and I hope to have my own accountant soon!
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Great for all level readers. Helps to develop reading and comprehension skills.

I really like this product as a teaching tool because you can use it in many areas of teaching. I really liked using it as a center because I was able to track students progress and design reading programs specifically for them. I could also see exactly what areas of comprehension they struggled with which helped me when I went to work with them during Guided Reading.
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Amazing resource to supplement and differentiate reading instruction

My overall opinion about this product is that it is a great fairly inexpensive option (as compared to purchasing leveled libraries) to supplement and differentiate my reading instruction. I like that Reading A-Z offers a 14 day free trial and if you decide to purchase a license you have access to thousands of downloadable, projectable, printable teacher materials, covering all the skills necessary for effective reading instruction for up to 36 students per year for $99. With your license you also have access to books and resources that are correlated to state and Common Core Standards. You can also find books and resources correlated to published curriculum reading series from Houghton Mifflin, Harcourt, MacMillan McGraw-Hill and Scott Foresman. In addition, I am able to print books for each of the different Guided Reading levels in my class and make a copy for each student to use before, during and after Guided Reading lessons. The con to this is that it can be very time consuming and costly to print and put the books together if you do not have unlimited printing capabilities at your site or within your disposal. I print the copies in black and white and project the color version for my students to see. Some of the books you can print and have students color in the illustrations. Overall, I have found this resource to be a wonderful and worthwhile asset to aid in differentiating and meeting the diverse needs of my students.
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