In a school with full membership to Reading A-Z and RazKids

Submitted 7 years ago
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Looking around the site I feel like I'm always about to click on a link that might interest me, only to find out I need another membership, i.e., A-Z Vocabulary. Reading A-Z has a lot of books, but I do question the quality of some of the materials I found on the site. Just because it's print and it's at a student's level doesn't mean it's worth giving to my student or class. This is obvious, but I do wonder how much better off schools are with high-quality library access, rather than pricey online platforms.

How I Use It

I'm working in a school with a membership. So I looked to Reading A-Z for books on a specific topic when covering a unit. All students have RAZKids profiles so between the two programs there is a lot of material available. I question the quality of the readings. There is a reason libraries stock high-quality trade books by well-known writers.