Great use of Social Studies materials!!

Submitted 8 years ago
Courtney N.
Courtney N.
Nichols Elementary School
Barboursville WV, US
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My Take

I really find this site a positive tool in which to use. I have enjoyed the different topics that are related to the Common Core Standards. I like the fact that each story comes with its own created materials to be utilized. Since we are encouraged to include nonfiction into our daily reading, I have found this site to be useful in finding meaningful stories for my students to read.

How I Use It

As there is no designated Social Studies curriculum, I utilize the books from A to Z as supplemental readings and discussions. I also use the text created materials, as well as self created homework assignments to assess their knowledge of the material. My students and I utilize the "I read, we read, you read" technique. This helps them with listening, discussion, referring back to text. They really like that the information is written in "their" language, and easily understood. The fact that I can also find the same books translated into Spanish has really helped my new student.