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Excellent phonics-based game (3 levels, plus higher level game) with free web-based version; new math component too.

Excellent tool for enjoyable practice of phonics skills. Modeled initial play of some of the little games so students understood the goal. No ads, so no distracting side elements. Students loved progressing through the lands, building their ship and flying to a new planet. There is also a newer 4th level, called REading For FUn which my stronger 1st and 2nd graders love. This has a very different feel but is still super engaging. has just released a Numbers game which is targeted to K4-Kinder students. It emphasizes number bonds and subitizing and it FABULOUS. They are adding more levels, but it has been a massive hit with my young students, who celebrate out loud often as they master a level. It is very calm in feel, which I like.
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We love teaching our monsters!

This is a great tool for practicing letter sounds and blends. The website also provides teachers with great data to help us identify areas for remediation. From a technology point of view, it is good for practicing mouse control and clicking.
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Very engaging characters and graphics. Both of my sons love this product, but it does advance quickly. My kindergarten son had a hard time keeping up once it was past letter id.

I like this app and have recommended it to a few other parents. I think now that school is back in session, my son will enjoy it more as he is gaining some sight words and learning to blend and segment.
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Fantastic game for the computer lab!

Working as a computer teacher, I love activities that are a) fun and engaging, b) cater to a wide variety of skill levels, and c) actually teach the kids something. Some online resources are all fluff and no substance while others have more substance than fun. I think Teach Your Monster does a great job of being fun while at the same time motivating the kids to master the skills. bottom line, I like it and so do the students.
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Very engaging! My Kindergarten class loved going to this website.

I loved Teach your Monster to Read just as much as my students did! It has a tracking tool, that will let you see how the students are dong with specific letter sounds. You can also print out certificates to give to the students when they finish a level. The only negative thing that I would mention, is that is was easy for students to guess a word.
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Kindergarteners are highly engaged, and sounding out words.

All the students love creating their monsters and earning chicks and badges and stars. Almost all the kindergarteners are very engaged and moving along quickly. It's pretty self-explanatory as far as progressing through levels. First graders are mostly reading already, but those who are not are still really engaged. All students benefited from the phonics aspect. I can track progress individually or as a class, and individual sounds/words mastered for each student. It is great reinforcement for phonics-based reading instruction. I look forward to the level 3, which should come out this year, so the more advanced students will be challenged.
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A fun interactive way to reinforce word sounds!

My students LOVED this website. It was very easy to enroll the kids under my account. They have a great feature that will allow you to easily print out a card for each student with the website info, their user name, and password. Headphones are a must, if you are doing this with the whole class at a time. This is a good website to have the kids go onto for the end of a class.
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Great graphics and interactivity!

This is a great game for students who have the ability to work through it on their own. It is not something that can be played over and over because the options become limited and the game outcomes become obvious. Students who are advanced may not feel challenged by this game; however, they will certainly enjoy the animations and the interactivity the game provides. It is smooth and designed well. Students enjoy this game!
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Mouse skills with students at this age can be a barrier for many, but some students got a lot out of this activity.

This product is likely best suited as a practice activity for ELL and low literacy learners nearer the end of grade 1 or in grade 2. It provides an opportunity to practice recognition of basic phonic sounds and introductory spelling. The pace of this practice is somewhat slow and may discourage higher achieving students.
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