Excellent phonics-based game (3 levels, plus higher level game) with free web-based version; new math component too.

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Excellent tool for enjoyable practice of phonics skills. Modeled initial play of some of the little games so students understood the goal. No ads, so no distracting side elements. Students loved progressing through the lands, building their ship and flying to a new planet.

There is also a newer 4th level, called REading For FUn which my stronger 1st and 2nd graders love. This has a very different feel but is still super engaging.

Teachyourmonster.org has just released a Numbers game which is targeted to K4-Kinder students. It emphasizes number bonds and subitizing and it FABULOUS. They are adding more levels, but it has been a massive hit with my young students, who celebrate out loud often as they master a level. It is very calm in feel, which I like.

How I Use It

I have used TeachYourMonster for several years in my technology skills classes, with K through 2nd grades. I also start using it toward the end of the year with K4 students. Easy to set up a class, and pick a level for each student. We use the web=based version as it is free. I worked with homeroom teachers to place students in the levels: beginning phonics, reading words, and reading sentences. Students loved this activity as a center and also played in the homeroom. The app is free a couple of times per year and we send letters home then. There are no ads, which I LOVE.