Great graphics and interactivity!

Submitted 8 years ago
Lisa M.
Lisa M.
Tamanend Middle School
Warrington PA, US
My Rating

My Take

This is a great game for students who have the ability to work through it on their own. It is not something that can be played over and over because the options become limited and the game outcomes become obvious. Students who are advanced may not feel challenged by this game; however, they will certainly enjoy the animations and the interactivity the game provides. It is smooth and designed well. Students enjoy this game!

How I Use It

This lively, well-animated game works best during independent or small group work. Students who are able to work well independently enjoy this game because they have the skills to navigate through it on their own. The game is self-guided and the narrator is outstanding. It would not work well for whole class instruction. It would work well in small groups.