Kindergarteners are highly engaged, and sounding out words.

Submitted 8 years ago
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All the students love creating their monsters and earning chicks and badges and stars. Almost all the kindergarteners are very engaged and moving along quickly. It's pretty self-explanatory as far as progressing through levels. First graders are mostly reading already, but those who are not are still really engaged. All students benefited from the phonics aspect. I can track progress individually or as a class, and individual sounds/words mastered for each student. It is great reinforcement for phonics-based reading instruction. I look forward to the level 3, which should come out this year, so the more advanced students will be challenged.

How I Use It

I am using this with K and 1st grade in the computer lab once per week. We start out on the website and I allow students to move to free choice whenever they would like. Almost all the kindergarteners, and many of the1st graders, stay on the site for most of the lab hour.