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Simple, pretty, and basic

I like it for quick, simple-but-beautiful presentations.
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Easy, intuitive, simple presentation tool

I've seen my share of student presentations that are copied and pasted from wikipedia and students basically face the screen and read the slides as if for the first time. Haiku Deck only allows minimal content so the student presentation takes the focus and not the supplemental PowerPoint. Haiku Deck is a great alternative to PowerPoint.
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Allows students to easily create beautiful presentations that are as poetic as its name implies.

I like this product for its simplicity, elegance, and usefulness. It supports teaching students to create presentations that foster extemporaneous explanation instead of reading from the slides. It exports beautifully to various social media sites and is easy to send in an email. I would like to see a little more with how to use the features of the tool box.
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Haiku...Visual Feast..Fine Storytelling

I am a very visual learner myself so these tools always are on my favorite list. There are so many ways to use this, I have an ESOL teacher who uses this for her vocabulary introductions, language arts for storytelling and of course for professional development for captivating presentations. Easy to introduce and use, professional and beautiful presentations. One of my favorites.
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A presentation tool that requires short ond sweet text, with BIG visual content

Haiku Deck is awesome because it physically limits the amount of text you can put on a slide. This causes students to write in a concise way about what they will present, and gives them more face-time with their audience.
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Using images and short text to reinforce vocabulary in the classroom.

Although I’ve only just started using Haiku Deck I feel as though the usability has already proven beneficial. Using the photo search tool was convenient when looking for quick visuals to support vocabulary. I also feel a sense of relief knowing these photos are pulled from the creative commons and the source is automatically noted on each slide. Users can also allows upload their own photos. It’s template and layout options might seem limiting, but in many ways this keeps focus on the content and purpose of the presentation, rather than it’s appearance. However, if you are concerned with your presentation’s appearance, with Haiku Deck there is no need to worry. The layout and theme presets allow users to create professional, attractive presentations without much effort. Haiku deck also makes it easy to share your presentations. I’m excited to try the “Share to Google Classroom” feature in the near future. When working with the site I did discover some issues with the auto-save feature. It would appear that in some browsers this feature works better than in others. So far I’ve had fewer issues working in Chrome. Haiku Deck has quickly become my go-to tool for whole-group presentations. With this site I am capable of creating professional, effective presentations in an efficient time frame.
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Using HaikuDeck to present literary character traits

HaikuDeck’s design makes this a go-to for short student presentations. It’s well designed both in terms of simplicity of process and quality of resulting product. By modeling clean, large fonts and layout styles it subliminally teaches students about good presentation design, while they can focus on the core of the lesson which is the literary analysis. There’s just enough customization available to give students some choice; it would be nice if there were some more. While HaikuDeck does the heavy lifting of design and image search, students can focus on thinking about point of the lesson and the language of the author. One current drawback is pacing. I would prefer to assign pecha kucha presentations, that require automatic playback of 15 or 20 seconds per slide, but HaikuDeck’s automatic pacing is set at about 5 seconds. (A workaround this would be for you as the instructor purchase the Pro version and copy student presentations to your account and export as .pptx files and then set the pace in PowerPoint.) Again, the advantage of HaikuDeck is the image search, which finds Creative Commons licensed images and embeds the credits automatically. Coupled with the layout templates, this presentation apphelps students focus on the literary objectives rather than the logistics of searching and tagging photos. The result is beautiful shows and better understanding of character development.
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Simple Presentation App

Haiku Deck has a very simple interface so it's easy for students to use, even at a young age. Students select a theme (basically a format for how/where text will appear), they choose an image, and they type and format text. There are not a lot of customization options compared to PowerPoint and Keynote, but I find that to be the benefit of using Haiku Deck--it's easy to be successful without being overwhelmed. I hope they don't continue to add lots of additional features, I like the quick and simple workflow. The app is rated for 12+. Given the topics that my students are searching we haven't found any images that are inappropriate. We do brainstorm words to use in the search bar and if students want to search something that isn't on the list they need to ask me.
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An easy way to have presentations with royalty free content!

It was simple and easy to use. I would suggest keeping it as is because it's very straight forward- less bells and whistles meant more of a focus on what they would say and present. The finished products looked very refined and well designed.
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Great Presentation Tool that stops students from reading the screen

This is one of the best presentation tools I have seen my students use in the classroom. It works well with small groups as well and individual presentations. Since its on the ipads, groups of 2-3 can all huddle around one presenter as a foundation to a conversation. It can also be displayed on the classroom screen for whole group presentations. My only hiccup was that my district blocks about a fourth of the images. Which was a great discussion starter on content and image appropriateness in an audience setting.
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