Great Presentation Tool that stops students from reading the screen

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

This is one of the best presentation tools I have seen my students use in the classroom. It works well with small groups as well and individual presentations. Since its on the ipads, groups of 2-3 can all huddle around one presenter as a foundation to a conversation. It can also be displayed on the classroom screen for whole group presentations.
My only hiccup was that my district blocks about a fourth of the images. Which was a great discussion starter on content and image appropriateness in an audience setting.

How I Use It

I have used this app both as a presentation tool for my lessons and also for my students to present their projects to the whole class. Specifically, my 4th graders used Haiku Deck to prepare a character analysis presentation. The limited text allowed on the screen challenged my students to create and rehearse their words with great intention. When using other presentation products, we all have been through the drowning of students as they simply read the bullet points with their heads facing the screen instead of the audience. With Haiku Deck, even my most beginning EL students had to formulate their sentences carefully in rehearsal instead of relying on the crutch the the screen.
The visual images also are stunning and sparked high quality conversations with my students as to the connections between audio text and visual images do for audience members. Gone are the corny clip art selections and random time-wastes of animating their presentation!